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Our Teachers

Emily is an enthusiastic and experienced EFT teacher with a strong background in property sector. She commits herself fully to every class, encouraging an interactive atmosphere for her students. Her broad skill set and industry experience enable her to adopt a unique approach to her classes, suitable for all ages and levels. Emily has a BA degree in English Language, MA degree in Urban Planning, as well as CELTA qualification. She spends her free time playing tennis and cooking Indian food.

Emily is a teacher of our General English Language courses as well as FCE preparation course and Speaking classes. She’s also helping other EFL teachers by writing ESL lesson plans on her blog.


Rebecca has been teaching English for over fifteen years, since she trained at International House in Piccadilly, London. With a BA Hons in English Literature and Theatre Studies, she is keen to take a fun, engaging approach to lessons and loves teaching different nationalities, encouraging lively conversation, With a post-graduate qualification in journalism and two published books, Rebecca also has considerable experience of writing for the national press and brings these skills into the classroom, where she can help students extend their fluency, sharpen their grammar and take their English to the next level, She loves music, yoga and cooking (and eating!) good food. 

You can read Rebecca’s articles here.




Ayyub is from Wales and teaches General and Business English at TELC UK. He recently moved to London after living and teaching in Thailand for a few years. He is an enthusiastic, passionate and approachable teacher. In his lessons, he always makes sure every single student feels included and involved in the lesson. He loves meeting people from different countries and has taught a wide variety of students in his career. He’s very passionate about language and often spends his free time learning a new language (or two).


Julie is from London and teaches General English and FCE preparation classes at TELC UK. She gained her CELTA qualification from International House London and has a Master’s degree in visual communication from The Royal College of Art, so you might find a drawing or two and a bit of creativity in her class. She loves meeting people from different cultures and is passionate about finding dynamic and engaging ways to teach her classes. Outside of the classroom you will probably find her looking for dogs to pet in the street.

Halina is a passionate and qualified Polish Language teacher with almost 20 years experience. Currently she teaches in the Polish Saturday School in London and provides private lessons and support to students wishing to excel in Polish language.

She gained her Master qualifications at the University of Mikolaj Kopernik in Poland and postgraduate diploma at Gdansk University (Poland). Halina enjoys attending courses to develop her qualifications and to improve her Personal Development. Recently she gained her diploma in the following fields:

‘Techniques on how to prepare the Polish students to pass GSCs exams ‘ , ‘How successfully  teach and prepare to pass A- Level in Polish’ ,  ‘How to approach and teach vulnerable student ‘.  

The above qualification/skills are great advantages that she implements in the classroom for the benefit of all students. Her approach to all students at any age can be described as great.

Halina focuses on developing her skills at all time since teaching and providing support for the students is the area she is very passionate about. In her free time Halina enjoys reading and writing poetry.

Concetta our Office Manager is from Italy, she lived in Naples for a few years when she attended university “L’Orientale” where she got a BA in Comparative Languages and Humanities. She moved to London in 2016 after working as an Italian and English Tutor in her town. She has been working at TELC UK since October helping students choose the right course.
Concetta likes learning new cultures and languages, in particular Japanese. She is always happy to have a chat and share ideas and opinions almost about everything, especially when it comes to food!