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English Courses in London N12 – North Finchley

Top English Language Center UK (TELC UK) is helping you to learn English by developing the skills you need to improve your command of the language. We offer you English courses and activities that meet your personal and professional goals.

Practice English either during one-to-one tuitions or in a small group classes only 7 students. Limited amount of students gives you more practice during the lesson and better results.

Whether you need to improve your English for business, for general social use, or to help you get good grades in an exam, our experienced English teachers will tailor your course to your particular needs.

If you are serious about improving your English, our English language courses are the very best way to learn English in North Finchley N12.

What will I learn?

Your command of English will improve significantly; you will be able to use English effectively. Lessons are designed so that students remember as much as possible from the class. For this purpose, we use elements of communicative methods, innovative ways to memorize vocabulary, etc. Students receive a lot of free materials including grammar, vocabulary, and texts presented during the class

How do I learn?

You will study with a course book and your teacher will also use other teaching resources in your lessons.When you start your course, we will test your current knowledge of English, to make sure you are placed in a group at the right level. Our syllabus is adapted to the age and language level. We regularly check students’ progress.


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Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Fee Action
Intensive Course 1 weekevery Monday1 weekMon to Thu9:30-13:45£145 Book Now
Intensive Course 2 weeksevery Monday2 weeksMon to Thu9:30-13:45£205 Book Now
Intensive Course 3 weeksevery Monday3 weeksMon to Thu9:30-13:45£295 Book Now
Intensive Course 4 weeksevery Monday4 weeksMon to Thu9:30-13:45£365 Book Now
Intensive Course 5 weeksevery Monday5 weeksMon to Thu9:30-13:45£425 Book Now
Intensive Course 6 weeksevery Monday6 weeksMon to Thu9:30-13:45£495 Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Total Fee Action
Beginners Course24/09/201813 weeksMon and Wed 18:30-20:30£395Book Now
Beginners/ A1 Course25/09/201813 weeksTue and Thu09:30-11:30£395Book Now

A1-General English Course 
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Hours per weekTotal fee Action
General (ESOL) English A1+24/09/201813 weeksMon and Wed09:30-11:304h£395Book Now
General (ESOL) English A125/09/201813 weeksTue and Thu18:30-20:304h£395Book Now
General (ESOL) English A1+07/01/201914 weeksMon and Wed09:30-11:304h£420Book Now
General (ESOL) English A115/01/201914 weeksTue and Thu18:30-20:304h£420Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Hours a weekTotal Fee  
General English A2 24/09/201813 weeksMon & Wed 9:30-11:304h£395Book Now
General English A2 25/09/201813 weeksTue & Thu18:30-20:304h£395Book Now
General English A2 25/09/201813 weeksTue & Thu11:45-13:454h£395Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Hours per weekTotal Fee Book now
General English B125/09/201813 weeksTue & Thu18:30-20:304h£395

3 places left

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General English B124/09/201813 weeksMon & Wed11:45-13:454h£395Book Now
General English B125/09/201813 weeksTue & Thu09:30-11:304h£395Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Hours a weekTotal fee Action
Business English B2 24/09/201813 weeksMon & Wed18:30-20:304h£395Book Now
General English B2 25/09/201813 weeksTue & Thu11:45-13:454h£395Book Now
General English B2 15/01/201914 weeksTue & Thu11:45-13:454h£420Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Fee Action
IELTS24/09/201812 weeksMon & Wed18:30-20:30£380Book now
CAE24/09/201812 weeksMon & Wed09:30-11:30£380Book now
FCE24/09/201812 weeksMon & Wed11:45-13:45£380Book now
CAE29/09/201812 weeksSat10:30-14:30£380Book now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Hours per weekFee Action
Business English B2 10/09/201814 weeksMon & Wed18:30-20:304h£420Book Now
Business English B2 10/09/20188 weeksMon & Wed18:30-20:304h£305Book Now
Business English B2 15/01/201914 weeksTue & Thu 11:45-13:454h£420Book Now



Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Total Fee Action
1 week Summer Courseevery Monday1 weekMon to Thu09:30-13:45£145 Book Now
2 weeks Summer Courseevery Monday2 weeksMon to Thu09:30-13:45£205 Book Now
3 weeks Summer Courseevery Monday3 weeksMon to Thu09:30-13:45£295 Book Now
4 weeks Summer Courseevery Monday4 weeksMon to Thu09:30-13:45£365 Book Now
5 weeks Summer Courseevery Monday5 weeksMon to Thu09:30-13:45£425 Book Now
6 weeks Summer Courseevery Monday6 weeksMon to Thu09:30-13:45£495 Book Now
Course Start Date Weeks Days Fee Action
B1 Taxi Driver Course and Examevery Monday1 weekMon-Fri£250Book now
A2 Spouse Visa course and examevery Monday1 weekMon-Fri£250Book now
Course Start Date Number of hoursDays and timeFee Action
Online lesson 1 hourflexible1 hourflexible£27Book now
Online lessons 5 hoursflexible5 hoursflexible£127Book now
Online lessons 10 hoursflexible10 hoursflexible£237Book now
Online lesson 20 hoursflexible20 hoursflexible£427Book now
Course Start Date Days TimeFee Action
Weekend Course for professionals 06/07/2018Fri, Sat & Sun9:30-17:30£395Book now
Weekend Course for professionals 10/08/2018Fri, Sat & Sun9:30-17:30£395Book now