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The First Certificate in English exam preparation course at TELC UK allows you to:
  • learn and use exam strategies and techniques to help you achieve your best score;
  • take practice exam papers to experience an FCE test under exam conditions and become familiar with the format of the exam;
  • practise and develop your overall skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking – the importance of reading skills, writing skills and analytical thinking are emphasised as these skills are not the only key to success in the First Certificate exam
  • receive constructive feedback to increase your chances of success;

Material: text books, audio-visual materials, and sample examination papers.

Minimum Level: Upper-intermediate (or successful completion of our intermediate General English course)

Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Fee Action
FCE19/02/20185 weeksMon & Fri11:45-13:45£185Book now
IELTS21/02/20185 weeksWed & Fri18:30-20:30£195Book now
Speaking for FCE07/02/20184 weeksMondays12:00-13:30£67Book now
IELTS24/02/20185 weeksSaturdays10:00-13:00£166Book now
CAE24/02/20185 weeksSaturdays13:30-15:30£155Book now
CAE14/04/201811 weeksSaturdays13:30-15:30£335Book now

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