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An amazing intensive English course at TELC UK

I was studying at TELC UK from 6. 6. 2017 to 23. 6. 2017 and I really liked it, I think that I improved my English a lot. I met new people from different countries and with different accents and it was really exciting. I am glad that I could study here. All three weeks were amazing, I will never forgot it. Thank you for that!
She was my teacher in FCE classes. She was always polite, kind, helpful and percipient. She had absolutely perfect pronunciation and she spoke slowly so everybody were able to understand what she was saying. She behaved really friendly and sometimes did jokes. She did not make differences between teachers and students. I like the way she taught. And I like her like a human too.
She was my teacher in B1 classes. She was really polite, nice and if you did not understand something she always explained it to you. There were about 10 people in her classes. It was the only one negative, because when you were making a conversation with your partner you could hardly hear him. Maybe it was caused by small classroom. On the other hand, lot of people with different pronunciation and accent guarantees that you will be able to understand well in real life.
I had FCE classes with her. She was really polite, kind and nice to everyone even if you did not know the answer. She explained you everything you wanted. Her English is perfect, I really liked it. I liked her lessons the most because of the atmosphere and small group of students. I liked every lesson with every teacher, but with Julie it was the best for me. We talked not only about the lesson´s topic but about everything. It was very good way to improve your speaking skills.
I had only one lesson with her and she was really kind, friendly and so funny. I think it was very good for the beginners that she was doing hilarious sounds of pronunciation and funny faces. They were more able to remember new words and its pronunciation. If you are learning something from absolutely beginning it is good to make it funny.
I am so delighted that I could study at TELC UK. I tried different teachers and they are kind, polite, nice, helpful and funny people. I think that students, myself included really like them not only as teachers but also as humans. I like the way teachers taught in this school. I wish we had some similar schools in our town or at least same teachers who likes their job and are skilful like here in TELC UK.

my general satisfaction is very good, as i think that i can improve my English very well and have fun too.

I feel like i did a good progress especially with understanding different accent's and feeling confident about speaking.

Before i came here i always used to think a lot about what i was going to say and now i just talk and you make us feel very confident about that.

It is helpful to have a lot of excersises and other papers with informations and explainations on it.

The balance of different activities is excellent. It never gets boring because the lessons are very diversified.

I think that all the teachers focus on students needs excellent too, because you can always ask them anything and they would explain it until you understand.

The classrooms are comfortable, clean and modern. I feel very good having courses in there.

All the lessons are planned and organised very good. It happens that the teachers don't have enough papers for every student but it is hard to plan that, as there is a different amount of students every day.


I think that Angie is a excellent teacher because she is very good at explaining and always gives helpful expamples. She concentrates on every single student, gives personal feedback and always wants to make sure that every student uderstood the topic before she moves on. Her ability to generate interest is very good because she is always listening very patient to everybody and also asks about our opinions. In addition i think it is very important to have fun by learning, which is also a big part of Angies lessons.


Rebecca is also a very good teacher. She can explain very well too but i think she spends more time on letting the students talk to each other and discuss different things or do excersises on their own. You don't get a lot of personal feedback from her but she is always there to help you if you have a question and then corrects you if your wrong. Her ability of showing interest is also very good. The lessons are diversified and the themes are interesting.


Emily is a excellent teacher too. She always shows interest in all of her students and makes sure that they are all ok. She is good at explaining and is very patient if someone may not understand something at he first time. If someone makes a mistake she corrects it and helps to understand, which is very good.
I think that the lessons are very interesting and you have lot of fun too. Her methodes of teaching are very good because with some games or researching something you can remember words much better than with simply reading them.

All together i think that al techers do a very good job and you can improve your English with a lot of fun and interesting, usefull lessons.
It is great to speak to a lot of different people from different countrys and learn more about all of them. In my opinion nothing has to be changed because everyone does a great job.

i hope that was a little bit helpful for you! 🙂



I attended Business class and Speaking lesson and enjoyed both of them. Teachers were wonderful, very professional. They both made us speak a lot, gave us a lot of material and I learned pretty much. I will continue with those classes as they are worth it. Thank you!

English for IELTS

Thank you for your help Emily and especially Aric. My English skills improved a lot and finally I got band score 7 for IELTS Academic exam.

Great atmosphere and teachers

I joined this school 1 month ago, I've had few lessons with Emily and Denis.... they both are great teachers. Emily concentrates a lot on speaking and group work. Denis pays attention to pronunciation and his vocabulary is great! I definitely learnt a lot. I'm planning to continue studying with them next year.

Great materials and teachers

The course is well organized, and the study method gives results.

Definitely I am improving English through participation in this lessons.Emily and Aric are very helpful teachers.I would recommend that school a lot.

It is very good explain, I am learning so much and it makes my life easy . A big thanks is going to my teacher Emily , she is very talented. Thanks

I am very satisfied with this course. I can feel that my english skills are improving. The teacher has been very nice with me, she has adviced me, helped and listened. I recomend this course. Thanks a lot.

by Szabina from Hungary on English Language Course
I improved a lot and found a job

I liked the English lessons a lot. We read good stories and we spoke English. The teacher is a darling, very patient. Thank you very much for your help.

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