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22 Jun 2014

How to improve your reading comprehension

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 3 steps to get a better score on your Cambridge (PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS ) exam 


1. Read extensively – the more you read, the better reader you become. Try to read on variety of topics so that you build your vocabulary. Extending your vocabulary will allow you to spend less time trying to understand unfamiliar words and more chances to understand the material presented in the text.


2. Read challenging materials – There is no point reading things that are easy for you, challenge yourself by reading a text that contains more difficult material e.g. books in original versions, articles, technical books, etc.


3. Read fast – getting used to reading English fast is a key to passing the exam. Do not spend ages trying to figure out the meaning, most of the time you can guess its definition by reading the whole sentence.


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