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27 Jun 2014

Listening practice about life or death situations

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First article:

Help! My friend’s choking!

Library assistant, Mrs. Johnson was having dinner with friends in a restaurant. They were all having steak and Mrs Johnson had just swallowed a piece of meat when she suddenly found that she couldn’t breathe. Her friends hit her hard on the back, but the piece of steak remained stuck in her throat. She was starting to panic One of her friends shouted out desperately, ‘Excuse me, can anyone help my friend? She’s choking.’ At another table in the restaurant Trisha Goddard, a TV chat show presenter, saw what was happening and rushed over to try to help. She stood behind Mrs Johnson and put her arms round her waist, and then pulled hard inwards and upwards three times…

Now listen to what happened next and answer the question below


Listen to part 2








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