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Study and work programme

work and study in london programmeMost of our students have come to London within the last few months, and because their English is not good enough it’s difficult for them to find work. So, they decide to start an English course, which is a great choice, but we believe that at the same time they should be applying for temporary or part time permanent positions in order to pay the rent, transport costs and have more possibilities of practising English. Learning English and working at the same time are the steps you should take when first coming to London. Later, once your English is better you can find other employment opportunities which are relevant to your eduction and the experience you gained working in your country.

Our school has been collaborating with one of leading recruitment agencies in London, which specialises in Hotel/Apartments, Hospitality and Leisure Sectors where the offered positions require you to have English at A2 pre-intermediate level.

You can find yourself working in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and apartments, accommodation providers, health clubs and private members clubs, the average pay meets or very offer exceeds the national minimum wage .

Before or after you joined the course please make sure you mention the fact that you’d like to find work in London to Emily- our Director, as she’ll be preparing you for the meeting with recruitment agency. By the way, this does not cost a penny, there are no fees for this service from TELC UK nor from the recruitment agency. Agencies that ask you to pay for finding you work are illegal.

Once you successfully pass the recruitment process you’ll be offered:

  • Regular long term positions
  • Entry level jobs from housekeeping and cleaning, to kitchen porters, waiting staff and receptionists
  • Full time hours or hours to suit your timetable so that you can attend the English course, including weekends only or night shifts
  • Weekly pay
  • Up to 28 days holiday per year, depending on hours worked
  • Help with bank account opening, national insurance numbers and essential guide to living in London
  • Career advice, help with CVs


This Study and Work Programme is available free of charge to all TELC UK students, you just need to ask!

For more info, please contact Emily at  or  07935033195.