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7 Jul 2014

Talking about presents listening activity

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Do you like giving or receiving presents? When was the last time you bought someone a present?

Listen to Eddie talking about the last time he bought somebody a present. Underline the answers he gives.

a) ‘Who was the present for?’ My friend / sister.’
b) ‘What was the occasion?’ Her birthday / wedding anniversary.’
c) ‘Where did you go shopping for the present?“To the city centre / On the internet.’
d) ‘Did you know what you were going to buy?” Yes, I did / No, I didn’t.’
e) ‘What did you buy in the end?”Jewellery / A foot spa.’
f) ‘How much did you spend?’About £50 / £15
g) ‘Did you buy a card too?” Yes, I did / No, I didn’t.’
h) ‘Did the person like the present?“Yes, she did / No, she didn’t.’
i) ‘Was it the sort of present you would like to receive?” Yes, it was / No, it wasn’t.’


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