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TELC UK provides guidance and support to help you choose the most adequate course during which you to learn and develop the skills required in your current or future job. Our aim is to enable you to get the right qualification to improve your job prospects, whether it is the English Language course or Italian classes or even a driving training. Our 10-year expertise and local knowledge makes us the most relevant and very unique source for everyone wishing to change their future. 

Whether you currently live in the area or will move here from abroad, you will see that our proven methods and affordable courses  make TELC UK an ideal place to start investing in your further development. We invite you to join our community of happy students, who have left almost a hundred positive reviews. 

  • Free English classes in London in January 2022

Intensive Courses

A1 to B2 level

Explore London and learn English at the same time. Intensive morning courses for anyone visiting the city for a short time. Learn more

General English Courses

Beginner to Advanced level

English lessons that focus on speaking, listening and grammar. You’ll be also learning new vocabulary while completing reading and writing activities. Learn more

Exam Preparation Classes

B2 and higher level

Thinking of taking the IELTS, FCE or CAE exam? Join the exam preparation course and get a higher score in your exam.

Trinity Exam courses

A2 to B1 level

Ideal for anyone who wants to take Trinity A2 and B1 exam in order to apply for  Spouse visas, British Citizenship and Leave to Remain. Learn more

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How to book your English course at our school

1. Test your English level

Before joining any of the courses we ask you to test your level by completing the online test or booking a free assessment with a teacher at school.TEST YOUR LEVEL 

2. Book your Course

Once you know your level you can book your. There are different courses to choose from, so we’re sure you can find a course that suits your timetable. BOOK YOUR COURSE  

3. Sign registration form

If you’re happy with the trial lesson please ask your teacher for registration form, which you should bring, together with the payment, on your next lesson. REGISTRATION FORM 



Test your English Level

“I’m right, ___________ I?”

I _________ to live in London, but now I live here.

_________ are 11 players in a football team.

Excuse me, _________ you tell me the time, please?

People ________ not smoke in a petrol station.

Listen to the recording and answer the question:
Anna ………… to go to the party.

He is __________ tired to play today.

I would be very worried if someone ____________ a gun at me.

He ___________ a lot of toys when he was a child.

____________________ on holiday to England, his English wouldn’t be so good.

He _______ me by calling me a pig.

I’m afraid I ________ not used to driving on the left.

Good Morning! How are you ________ today?

How many cigarettes ________ she smoke?

I am looking ________ to seeing London.

He doesn’t know _________ to go to Scotland or Wales.

If it rains, we ________ have the garden party.

Listen to the recording and answer the question:

What was the problem with the woman’s steak?

I haven’t got _________ money to pay.

He __________ at me to show he was only joking.

When we __________ for our holidays, we were very excited.

After we _______________ living there for ten years we returned to the UK.

Dan’s face broke into a _______ grin when I invited him in.

Mary has a degree ____ civil engineering.

Where on ________ did you hide the keys?

‘Britain is your real home, ‘ I ___________ told.

I didn’t seem to have anything in ________ with anyone else.

My grant was so small that it was difficult to make ___ meet.

Paul finds maths difficult, but he ______ his best.

I __________English since I was twelve.

English is much _________ to learn than Chinese.

It’s been snowing ________ Christmas morning.

He ________ to the movies.

By this time tomorrow we _________the meeting.

Did you have any problems ________ our house?

If Muriel had come, she would have won.

After a long and tiring training she__________ won the race.

How long have you been learning English? In your opinion what are the 3 hardest things about learning English?

If you supply us with your email address, you agree to be contacted by TELC UK with information on new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive e-mail from us, please let us know by sending us e-mail at

You have finished the quiz. Fill in your details to get the email with your results.

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TELC UK is based in North London, precisely between Wood Green, Bounds Green and Palmers Green. We’re just a short walk (12mins) from Wood Green Underground Station on Piccadilly Line. Our students are local residents who live in nearby areas such as Muswell Hill, Southgate, North and East Finchley, Arnos Grove, Tottenham, Crouch End, Alexandra Park, Enfield or Oakwood. Terms and conditions  

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TELC UK is registered in England and Wales No: 08666132. The company is registered with SIC code 8559 and UK Register of Learning Providers: 10066031