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October 2014

This part of the test should be a discussion so you should talk with your partner. Use phrases like:

What do you think about…?
What about…?
I think this would be good because…. 
That’s a good idea but… 

Here’s an example:

Your friend has moved to a new town and wants to make some new friends. Talk about different things your friend can do to meet people and say which you think is best. This photo should help you generate some ideas:

PET speaking part 2

Some of our students, especially those coming for a short course at our school also found this course useful:8 MORE Secrets to Understanding Native English Speakers This Intermediate listening course helps you improve your English conversation by improving your “real world” listening comprehension.

Now listen to two students doing this part of the PET exam and compare your answers to theirs. Do you agree or disagree with the speakers?