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Best areas to live round North London

Staying in London isn’t cheap, especially if you’re looking for short-term accommodation for a weekend, week or few weeks. Making a decision about where to stay is even more difficult as London is divided into zones and boroughs, so how are you meant to decide which one is best for you, and know which ones you should avoid?

You can’t answer these questions unless you’ve lived in London, or know someone who has lived in London, and even that won’t guarantee that you will make the right decision.

Having lived and worked in North London for almost a decade I can say that the best areas to stay, or live, in North London are Muswell Hill, Crouch End, East Finchely and Bounds Green.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Muswell Hill N10

+  Great place if you have kids as the local schools have been performing exceptionally in Ofsted reports throughout decades

+  Fantastic neighbourhood with friendly and caring residents

+  Big supermarket

+  Selection of tasty gourmet restaurants such as Carluccio’s, Cote Brasserie,  Franco Manca

+  Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that apart from Costa, Starbucks, cafe Nero there’s a local shop that roasts its coffee beans and sells them to customers who can smell this heavenly drink when passing by the shop

– No tube station

– House prices quite high


Advantages and disadvantages of living in Crouch End N8

+  Variety of supermarkets and also independent small shops selling organic produce

+  Pubs and restaurants

+  Good Schools

+  Friendly and safe area with lots of green spaces

– Limited transport links

– Closest tube station – Finsbury Park


Benefits and drawbacks of living in East Finchley N2

+  Easy commute- great transport links to Central London

+  Food for all tastes (and allergies!) – good selection of restaurants and pubs to spend evening or Sunday afternoon

+  Local feel – friendly and rather safe neighbourhood

–  High Street feels rather busy

–  House prices quite high

Pros and cons of living in  Bounds Green N11

+  Quiet residential area

+  Good transport links

–  Not too many shops, pubs or restaurants in the area