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The undoubtful benefit of the CAE exam preparation course is the fact, you study within a small group of students (max 8) and so you work directly with your teacher. You practice speaking a lot more, receive more feedback and correction on your writing and speaking. In addition, you are given a targeted advice on how to improve CAE reading and listening scores.  CAE exam preparation course

 Our CAE lessons cover the following:

  • Preparation for Reading, Writing, and Use of English papers
  • Preparation for Speaking Test and Listening papers
  • Exam practice
  • Up to 10 hours homework per week

Cambridge exam preparation courses are for students who want to prepare for the Cambridge English Advanced (formally CAE) exams in a small group with a maximum of 8 students. 

You will improve your general English speaking and listening communication as well as exam techniques, vocabulary, grammar and skills relevant to the Advanced exam.

What to expect:

  • Expand vocabulary areas suitable for general topics & for the specific exam
  • Give presentations and work on pronunciation
  • Improve communication skills in English
  • Work on grammatical accuracy
  • Practise past exam papers: reading, writing & listening
  • Do mock speaking exams under test conditions

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