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CAE writing a review sample

CAE writing a review sample


The editor of your college website has asked you to write a review of a live TV show featuring a celebrity you have seen recently, saying what the purpose of the show was and explaining celebrity’s role in the whole programme.

Write your review in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.



Beyond cooking by Zumbos

One of the most interesting live TV shows I have ever seen is ‘Zumbos’s Just Dessert’ hosted by Zumbos himself. And as the name implies it is all about baking, so get ready to be driven into a picturesque specially arranged venue full of unbelievably stunning and above all luscious food prepared by top professionals chefs in London.


‘Zumbos’s Just Dessert’ TV show was first produced in Australia, and back in 2010 Zumbos’s reinvented the idea of the show and created a fenomenal programme for Michelin star  sous pastry chefs wishing to show their culinary skills to avid fans in London. Dessert making is barely an easy skill to master and all the dozen contestants learn that in the first week of the show where about half is eliminated by the strict jury of food critics.  Subsequent three weeks of the fierce competition serve nothing but mouth-watering sweet creations such as a mango trifle, a chilli cheesecake or a lavender bread and butter. The ultimate challenge in week four brings us closer to the winner chosen on the 28th days of the show.


Having failed in Australia the presenter and creator Zumbos and his twisted and impossible to accomplish recipes hit the spot for British audience. Everyone seems to love his accent, weird sense of humour and bizarre recipes he asks contestants to bake.  

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this TV show for everyone. Watching chefs in action feels as if baking was a piece of cake. Some masterpieces look totally unreal yet delicious. Bon appetit!

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