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28 Jun 2014

Collectors listening practice- improve your English

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Some people have been collecting numerous items like autographs, Barbie dolls, model cars, dead butterflies or antique postcards for ages. And to be honest with you I could never get it. However, I still respect those who are really keen on queuing for an autograph of a celebrity no matter the weather. Today you’d hear couple of people talking about their collections. Before you listen, why not answer these questions, this will help you built the vocabulary that might appear in the listening and later improve your understanding of the recording.collections

1. What kind of things are the most interesting to collect?

2. Do you know anyone who has a collections? How has his/ her passion started?

3. Do you have any things at home that a collector would be interested in?  

Now listen to five people talking about their collections. Match each speaker 1-5 with the sentences a-h.

Which speaker 1-5 …
a began their collection at university?
b connects their career to their collection?
c has a thousand items in their collection?
d is proud of their collection?
e started collecting as a joke?
f talks about good places to add to their collection?
g talks about the cost of adding to their collection?
h thinks that their children will find their collection interesting? 

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