TELC UK- Training, Education and Language Courses in London
helping you learn and develop your skills

Improve your English proficiency in a casual learning environment while exploring a variety of cultural and social activities London has to offer. TELC UK- English Academy located 30mins from N21 Winchmore Hill, provides English language courses that suit those who work in London as well as those who decided to learn English in London by participating in intensive courses.

Whether you want to improve your English communication skills for professional purposes, to take the IELTS exam and attend a university, for travelling, or to chat with international friends, TELC UK has a programme and the expertise you need!

Experience, small classes and the personal touch are the unique things that differentiate us from other English language schools in London. Our mission is to provide quality English language lessons through a selection of tailored made English courses in a professional and supportive atmosphere through our unique English teaching methodology focused on communication. Our goal is to provide our students with affordable courses that are specially designed to give them the tools necessary to achieve fluency in English.

Are serious about improving your English?  Do you need more speaking practice? Are you confused about English grammar? Are you thinking of a better job but your English is not good enough? Maybe it’s time to start an English language course.

Beginners, General English, Cambridge exam preparation courses are just a few language programmesTELC UK offers round the Winchmore Hill N21 area.

What will I learn?

Your command of English will improve significantly; you will be able to use English effectively. Lessons are designed so that students remember as much as possible from the class. For this purpose, we use elements of communicative methods, innovative ways to memorize vocabulary, etc. Students receive a lot of free materials including grammar, vocabulary, and texts presented during the class

How do I learn?

You will study with a course book and your teacher will also use other teaching resources in your lessons.When you start your course, we will test your current knowledge of English, to make sure you are placed in a group at the right level. Our syllabus is adapted to the age and language level. We regularly check students’ progress.

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How far is it from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill?
The distance between Wood Green and Winchmore Hill is 4 km.
What is the cheapest way to get from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill?
The cheapest way to get from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill is to line 329 bus which costs £2 and takes 18 min.
What is the fastest way to get from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill?
The quickest way to get from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill is to taxi which takes 6 min and costs £13 – £16.
Is there a direct train between Wood Green and Winchmore Hill?
Yes, there is a direct train departing from Alexandra Palace and arriving at Winchmore Hill. Services depart every 30 minutes. The journey takes approximately 7 min.
Is there a direct bus between Wood Green and Winchmore Hill?
Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Wood Green Police Station and arriving at Palmers Green, Highfield Road. Services depart every five minutes, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 18 min.
How long does it take to get from Wood Green to Winchmore Hill?
The train from Alexandra Palace to Winchmore Hill takes 7 min including transfers and departs every 30 minutes.