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Beginners course is for adults who want to improve speaking and listening mainly, but during the lesson you’ll also have a bit of grammar and writing practice.

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Our General English course for beginners allows you to improve all areas of your English: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. This course will help you develop your basic English language skills and to build your confidence when communicating in English. 
This General Beginners course concentrates on: 
  • Basic speaking practice
  • Lots of listening to English pronunciation
  • First steps on reading/writing English
  • A background to the English culture

Content of the Beginner English Course covers the following topics:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • English phrases for use in shops, hotels, bars and restaurants
  • English for travelling around a city
  • Introduction to Grammar, nouns, verbs, word order and numbers, starting to build up confidence in speaking English
  • Use of adjectives, pronouns and adverbs
  • Addition of more common phrases like ‘how much or many’
  • Dates (days of the week and months)
  • Subject words and phrases describing your job, family, nationality
  • Expanding on your vocabulary of common items such as food and drinks
  • Additional key adjectives, verbs, adverbs, connectives



Beginners Courses and Fees

Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Total Fee  
Beginners Course morning26/09/202212 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£855 Book NOW
Beginners Course morning26/09/20226 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£495 Book NOW
Beginners Course evening26/09/20226 weeksMo|Tu|We|Th20:00-21:30£435 Book NOW
Beginners Course evening26/09/202212 weeksMo|Tu|We|Th13:00-14:30£669 Book NOW
Beginners Course evening26/09/202212 weeksMo|Tu|We|Th20:00-21:30£752 Book NOW
Beginners Course evening26/09/202212 weeksMo|Tu|We|Th16:30-18:00£547 Book NOW
Beginners Course morning07/11/20226 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£495 Book NOW
Beginners Course evening07/11/20226 weeksMo|Tu|We|Th20:00-21:30£435 Book NOW

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