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Have a questions? Maybe the answer is here:

1. How can I book the course?

In order to book the course you should:

1- check your level on our website: Test you Level here

2- book a free trial lesson:  Register for a free trial lesson . The trial lesson is for you to check if you like the teacher and methodology.

3- if you’re happy with the trial lesson and you’d like to continue the course, please ask your teacher for the registration form, which looks like that

4- take the registration form home, fill it in and bring it together with the payment to school next time you have a lesson.

2. How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for your course either in cash or via bank transfer. Bank details are included in the registration form.

3.When should I pay for the course?

You should pay for the course on your second lesson

4. How much do I have to pay?

Well, that depends on the course length and the type of the course. You can find the fees on every page of the course, you can search for your course here:


5. Do I have to pay the full course fee when I enrol or I can pay in parts?

If you’re joining 8 or 12 weeks course the fee can be paid in 2 or 3 instalments (parts)

6. Who's my teacher? Is s/he experienced?

Every course has its own teacher, you can find your teacher’s name by searching for your course. All our teachers hold relevant certificates and number of years of experience.  

7.What am I going to learn?

Depending on the course type, we’ll be doing our best to help you improve your English, especially the areas you’re weak at. Our groups are small ( max.8 students) so it allows us to work with you individually and give personal feedback independently.

General English courses cover all aspect of activities including speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary. Majority of students ask for more speaking and listening practice during the lessons, so these two are almost 60% of an average English lesson.

In exam preparation courses (FCE, CAE or IELTS) you also practice speaking, listening, writing and reading but you also learn the techniques and strategies that help you achieve higher score in the exam

Speaking classes– that’s obvious… you practise speaking 😉 on various topics

Business English course– it’s not the usual business English course where you write reports, emails etc. This course is great for someone who already works in an office environment and needs more conversation practice related to different aspects of the business. We also make sure that the lesson is loaded with new expressions that you can use on daily basics.

8.How many students are there in a class?

8- is the maximum number of students participating in a lesson

9.When can I start?

You can start any time. Make sure you complete the level test and book a trial lesson first.

10. How old are other students?

The average age is between 20 to 40, however, we have also students who are younger or older.

11. What's the minimum age to study at TELC UK?

You need to be over 18 to study at our school

12. Which course is right for me?

If you don’t know which course is right for you, why not completing the level test and then booking a free consultation with the teacher, who can advise you on the best option for you.

13. How many days per week do I study?

It depends on your course, but on average our part-time course covers 2 lessons a week, each lesson is 2.5h long, so in total you study 5h a week. Click here to see the timetable

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