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14 Jul 2014

FCE exam listening practice about a newspaper story

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You are going to hear five speakers talking about a newspaper story which involves a teenage girl and a rock band.

For speakers1-5, decide which of the opinions A—F each speaker expresses. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need to use.

A Journalists create scandal that is only remembered in the short-term.

B Journalists should check their information more carefully than they do.

C Journalists are insensitive towards the people they deal with.

D Journalists have an obligation to inform their readers of the facts.

E Journalists concentrate their efforts on people who are well-known.

F Journalists have to invent things to get a good story.

Speaker 1 ……………
Speaker 2 ……………
Speaker 3 ……………
Speaker 4 ……………
Speaker 5 ……………

Click here for answers

Extra practice: Listen to the five speakers again and tick all the idioms you hear, noting which speaker (1-5) said them. Explain what you think the idioms mean, by referring back to the people and events in the news story.

break new ground
have a change of tune
flavour of the month
get sick to the back teeth with
go to someone’s head
be in the public eye
keep a low profile
out of the blue
put a brave face on something
the rest is history
a three-day wonder
turn something on its head 
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