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FCE listening practice Test Paper 4 Part 1

Improving your listening skills is vital when learning English and to pass FCE exam. Here’s a listening practice exercise that you might find on the FCE exam Paper 4, part 1, the test  will help you to get better when understanding English conversation and scoring higher mark.

FCE Listening Paper 4 Part 1 TEST A

You hear part of a play on the radio. Where does this scene take place?

You hear a man talking about a car he has hired. What is his opinion of the car?

You hear a man talking on the phone. Who is he talking to?

You hear part of a news report about complaints against railway companies. What does David Driver think about the situation?

On a phone-in consumer programme, you hear a call from a listener. What is she doing when she speaks?

You hear a man talking about a campaign he has been organising. What is the aim of the campaign?

You hear a man and a woman talking about something they bought in a shop. What is the man going to complain about?

You hear a woman talking to a friend. What is she talking about?

You hear a man talking about wearing hats. Why didn’t he like wearing a hat a the wedding?

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