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FCE Listening exam practice paper 4

Here’s another listening practice activity that you’ll find in your First Certificate exam.

Before you do the practice make sure you follow these simple steps:

– read the question before the options and find the key words;
– relax and concentrate on each new text, don’t think of the one you have just done;
– on your exam you hear each speaker twice, but it’s recommended to decide on one of the options after the first listening;
– use the second listening to check that you are correct;
– if you are not sure, guess. You may have understood more than you think;
– do not listen for single words, but for the general meaning;
– don’t worry about words that you don’t know.

FCE Listening Paper 4 Part 1 TEST B

You hear a man talking to a friend about a broken vase. Who does he blame for breaking it?

You hear a woman talking about something she saw when she was driving. How did she feel about what she saw?

You hear a woman recommending a hotel. Why does she recommend the Dorian Hotel?

You her the beginning of a radio programme. What is the radio programme going to be about?

You hear a woman talking about a college. What is her connection with the college?

You hear part of an interview with a woman who used to run an agency for photographic models. Why did she give up the business?

You hear an announcement about library services. How are the services going to change?

You hear part of an interview with a famous writer. What is his attitude towards ideas?

You hear a woman talking about an artist. What is her opinion of the artist?

You hear part of a radio phone-in-programme. What type of advice is the caller asking for?

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