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How to learn English for free in London?

There are no free things in London one might say. However, if want to learn English there might be few places whether you can improve your language for nothing!

Read this article to find out where to study English for free in London, how to find a free English school and what the cheapest way to improve your English is.

You can learn English for free in many English schools in London. Some English courses are free because they are funded by the EU, government or local councils. Others are part of teacher training programmes where prospective English teachers learn how to teach.

Local Councils

Free English courses provided by local councils are available throughout London. The main advantage of taking part in these courses is, of course, the fact that you don’t have to pay for them! There may be other benefits – some provide free childcare, so that a parent can leave their child/children with a qualified person within the premises for the duration of the English lesson.

On the other hand, there can be up to thirty people participating in these lessons. High numbers of students makes it almost impossible for a teacher to focus on individual learners’ needs, correct mistakes, hold a conversation or even just interact with all of the students during a single class.

Other negative aspects relate to student ability levels. Very often, students of various abilities attend the same class. You might be faced with a group of thirty people whose levels are varied, with some people significantly less fluent in English than others. Being surrounded by people with a similar level of English to you is crucial to improve your fluency. You definitely don’t want to sign up to a course and waste your time speaking to people whose level of English is much lower than yours.

List of some of Free English Course providers in London:

Haringey Council, Wood Green, North London
Migrants Resource Centre, Tottenham, North London
Adult and Community Learning, Islington, North London
Newham Adult Learning Service, Newham, East London
Learn English at Home (LEAH) Richmond and Hounslow, Kingston, South and South West London
Adult Learning Lewisham (ALL), Lewisham, South London
Ealing Adult Learning (EAL), Ealing, West London
Camden Adult Community Learning, Camden, North West London
Private English Language Schools

You can also register for a free English course in several English schools that provide CELTA training (teacher training courses), during which prospective teachers learn skills and methodologies around teaching English. So, if you’re going to join this type of course you’ll be considered a kind of a guinea pig, who has to face numerous teachers during one lesson. Being exposed to many teaching styles is amazing as you can discover the best type of teacher for you. Sadly this is just temporary as teachers change all the time so the whole course lacks consistency, which is critical when learning a language.

You can register for free or very cheap English courses at these schools in London:

BSC London Hampstead, Hampstead, North West London
International House London,Covent Garden, Central London
Oxford International Education Group, Greenwich, South East London
Language Link, Earl’s Court Centre, Kensington, London South West London
Other ways to learn English for free in London

Most private language schools in London give you a taster session, also known as a free English trial lesson. This a single lesson which allows you to join an English class for free. By participating in the lesson you can learn more about the teachers, other students and school in general. Once you take part in this lesson you have a choice to either continue the course or look for another more suitable school for you.

Schools where you can book a free trial lesson:

The English Studio, Holborn, Central London
TELC UK- English school in Wood Green, North London
Delfin English School, Bloomsbury Square, Central London
Speak Up London, Oxford Street, Central London
Milner School of English Wimbledon, Wimbledon, South London



Other things you should consider when wanting to learn English for free are the various applications which you can download on your phone and use whenever you have a minute to spare. Visiting the BBC council website and finding apps that best suit your needs is an ideal place to start. Finding a language exchange partner on or joining a group on are yet more ways to learn English for free in London.