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How to Improve Your English in 2022

It’s January, the month of starting new projects and setting goals for the future. I’m sure many of you have turned your thoughts to improving your English. In 2022, how can you take your English to the next level? In this blog we’ll give you a few ideas on how to make this year a year of learning and improvement.

Watch Films in English

Not every film is great if you’re learning English. Sometimes the actors speak too quickly or there’s too much slang in the dialogue, so you have to choose the right film. Movies like Notting Hill are perfect for learning English. Most of the characters in the film speak in RP (received pronunciation, the standard British accent), and they use good grammar and vocabulary when they speak. The same goes for the Harry Potter films. They’re fun and engaging and they give you a good model of spoken English. Pro tip: when you watch a film in English, turn on the English subtitles so you can listen to the dialogue and read it at the same time. You can practise your reading and listening at the same time!

Watching films is great for your English

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Do you take the tube or ride a bus to work? This is the perfect time to practise your English. Reading is great for your brain and great for your English. Reading can show you how to form sentences and organise your ideas in English. Pick up a free newspaper before you get on the bus, find a blog about a subject you’re interested in, or pick up some Graded Readers from the library, Amazon, or eBay. Graded Readers are famous English novels (like Sherlock Holmes or Dracula), but their level of English is reduced for students who are learning English. So now you can read an interesting story with great characters and emotions, but you won’t have to reach for your dictionary every 2 minutes.

Take up a new hobby in English

What are your hobbies? Do you like cooking? Do you live and die for football? Are you a big fan of music? Whatever you love doing in your language, start doing it in English. Buy an English cookbook to learn new recipes, watch football in English, listen to music in English, or start playing an instrument with an English-speaking teacher. If you start a new hobby in English, it will force you to learn new vocabulary and make your brain think and work in English. Also, you’ll have lots of fun doing it!

Join an English class

Can you learn English without studying? I’m sure some people can. They just listen to people speaking and pick it up, but this isn’t common. Most people need to have the rules of the language explained to them and practise in a controlled environment with a teacher. That’s where lessons come in. Take a General English course to learn about grammar and vocabulary. Join a Speaking class to improve your communication skills. Or start a Cambridge FCE, Cambridge CAE, or IELTS preparation course to get ready for university or professional development.


There are a million other ways to raise your level of English, but we hope you’ve found something useful here. Make 2022 the year that you improve your English. It’s never too late to start something good!