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How to write introduction to essay IELTS

As you’re probably aware your essay should start with an introduction which gives the examiner the first impression of your writing skills, in other words it’s vital to know what should and should not be included in this part of the essay.

Academic Writing Part 2- Introduction : Guidelines:

  1. Your introduction has to be clear and concise (2-3 sentences)
  2. Sentence 1-2 – Write a sentence introducing the topic and giving some background facts about it
  3. Sentence 2-3 Write your opinion – only if asked (give your answer/opinion in the introduction and not just the conclusion)
  4. Paraphrase (use synonyms – different words with a similar meaning) and move the order of the sentence around, don’t copy exact words from the topic!
  5. You must not start answering the question in the introduction you write this in the main body.
  6. Avoid “In this essay I will discuss”

 Bottom line is:

All the information you should include in the introduction is within the topic question you just have to paraphrase it and sometimes include your opinion.

There are 7 types of essay in the writing part 2, so here are 7 examples of the introduction with explanation + additional topic for your own practice.

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