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20 Jul 2012

Improve speaking for IELTS exam

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Overall, during the speaking part of the IELTS exam, you will be assessed on your:

· fluency and coherence

· vocabulary

· range of grammar and accuracy

· pronunciation.

Below you will find some of the examples of the phrases that help you improve the score of your speaking part

IELTS Expressions for speaking part

Human Language

IELTS Language

To Dislike Sth/Sb 1. To Hold Sb/Sth in contempt
2. To Have a Contempt for sth/sb
3. To Treat something with contempt
To Admit/State To Avow that…
To Remember To Bear sth in Mind
To Believe that… 1. To harness the belief that…
2. To maintain that…
To Put Up taxes on sth To Levy Taxes on sth
To Guess that… To Conjecture that…
To Predict 1. To think ahead about sth
2. To anticipate sth
3. To be beforehand with sth
4. To forestall
5. To get things set before
To start doing sth 1. To undertake sth
2. To set about sth/doing sth
To take sth for granted To take sth at face value
To die out To become extinct
To deal with sth To cope with sth
To take part in sth To participate in sth
To get rid of sth 1. To Dispense with sth
2. To Dispose of sth
3. To Discard sth
4. To Dump sth
To refer to sth To call on sth
To tap sth To stimulate sth

Here’s a list of prompt words that you can use to help you prepare:

Introductory phrases – when you start your talk:

o I’m going to talk about…

o I’d like to talk about…

o I want to talk about…

o What I’m going to talk about is…

o I’m going to describe…

Developing phrases – when you want to expand your argument:

o First of all…

o Secondly,…

o Additionally,…

o Another thing…

o Another reason why…

o Furthermore…

Background phrases – when you want to add some detail:

o It’s near…

o It happened…

o It took place…

o It’s been going on for/since…

o At that time…

Impression phrases – when you want to say something that made an impression on you:

o … impressed me

o … motivated me

o … moved me

o … disturbed me

o … touched me deeply

o … had an effect on me

o … affected me

o … influenced me.

improve speaking for IETLS

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