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One-to-one English for IELTS

 The undoubtful benefit of the private 1-to-1IELTS exam preparation course is the fact, you study directly with your teacher. You practice speaking a lot more, receive more feedback and correction on your writing and speaking. In addition, you are given a targeted advice on how to improve IELTS reading and listening scores.  

One-to-one English for IELTS package

  • 20 lessons within 4 weeks (5 lessons per week, time arranged according to your convenience)
  • Course length: minimum 4 weeks
  • 1 lesson: 60 minutes
  • One-to-one – maximum one student
  • Age 16+
  • Fees: see below

Our IELTS lessons cover the following:

Writing: Guided writing strategies that help you score the desired band

Grammar: Clear, systematic explanations, your grammar questions answered

Listening: Enjoy our exclusive CDs with natural everyday English dialogues

Pronunciation: Personal advice on accent reduction throughout each lesson

Speaking: Maximum speaking and discussion time directly with your teacher

Training: Your mistakes corrected and explained, continuous feedback given


One-to-one English for IELTS fees  

Course Title Time 1 week 4 weeks
One-to-one English for IELTS (5h per week) As Convenient £135 £385
One-to-one Intensive English for IELTS (10h per week) As Convenient £215 £730

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IELTS measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication. By spending the time to clearly define your results at the beginning of the course, you are giving the teacher an opportunity to both meet your goals and exceed them.  Your teacher will work to get you trained in exactly what you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible. IELTS is the preferred English language assessment for universities in English-speaking countries worldwide, and therefore TELC UK courses focus on preparing students for the Academic module. Students require sound academic study skills when preparing for further study, therefore the coursesinclude academic study skills within the IELTS examination preparation, as follows:   IELTS [Academic] examination techniques

  •  listening comprehension & note-taking skills
  • effective reading-comprehension
  • effective writing skills for formal and academic contexts
  • speaking skills for formal, academic and general contexts
  • effective time management