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General English for Beginners

General English for Beginners


General English Beginners Course
Duration: 6 or 12 weeks
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 18:15-21:30
Price excludes: Registration fee and a coursebook
Course Location:  INGLA School of English, 1 Wellington Terrace, Turnpike Ln, Wood Green, London N8 0PX
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The BEGINNERS English evening course is intended for beginners: people who have never studied English before or who have a basic idea but also great uncertainty about their knowledge.

When you finish this level you will be able to feel more confident when having daily conversations, by improving your grammar skills, increasing your vocabulary and especially practising from the very first moment!  

You will study basic expressions, numbers and letters, the verb “to be” and you will start forming questions.

You will study in a fun and easy way the following grammatical structures and communicative functions:

  • How to ask for confirmation with the verb to be
  • Classifying verbs in English
  • Simple Present
  • The verb to do as an auxiliary
  • Adverbs of frequency in English
  • To like
  • Questions with what and which
  • Questions with how and what…like
  • Questions with who, where
  • In, at, on as prepositions of place
  • Questions with why, when
  • In, at, on as prepositions of time
  • How to ask for confirmation with the verb to do
  • Personal pronouns and the verb to be
  • To be in negative sentences, questions and answers
  • Contractions with  the verb to be
  • Articles and plurals in English
  • Good morning, Mr, Mrs,
  • How to greet people in English
  • The English alphabet and spelling
  • Numbers in English
  • How to tell the time in English
  • Days, months, ordinal numbers and dates in English
  • How to speak on the phone in English

This specially designed General English course is ideal for those who need to start speaking fast. During the lessons you are busy listening to English all the time, you speak a lot and your mistakes are corrected when necessary. Students learn quickly as they are always surrounded by English.


Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Total Fee  
Beginners Course morning04/01/202212 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£720 Book NOW
Beginners Course morning04/01/20226 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£450 Book NOW
Beginners Course morning14/02/20226 weeks5 days a week9:15-10:45£450 Book NOW


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27/09/2021, 08/11/2021


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