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CAE Course in North London

CAE Course in North London


English for CAE– exam preparation course in North London
Cambridge Exam preparation Course at C1 level
Price excludes: Registration fee and a coursebook
Location: Ingla School of English, 1 Wellington Terrace, Turnpike Lane, London, N8 0PX
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The CAE Cambridge Exam preparation course at C1 level allows you to:

  • learn and use exam strategies and techniques to help you achieve your best score;
  • take practice exam papers to experience CAE test under exam conditions and become familiar with the format of the exam;
  • practise and develop your overall skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking – the importance of reading skills, writing skills and analytical thinking are emphasised as these skills are not only key to success in the CAE test;
  • receive constructive feedback to increase your chances of success;

Material: text books, audio-visual materials, and sample examination papers.

Minimum Level: Upper-intermediate (or successful completion of our intermediate General English course)

Objectives: Our CAE preparation course prepares students for all four parts of the CAE examination, precisely:


  • recognise the different types of questions asked in CAE tests
  • predict main ideas from titles and visual aids
  • use skimming and scanning to identify gist and details
  • identify and summarise the main ideas in various types of texts
  • determine the meaning of unknown words from the context
  • recognise a writer’s views or claims and their implications
  • answer a variety of question types found in CAE reading tests
  • complete a reading test in the allotted time


  • analyse CAE questions and respond appropriately
  • organise and present information in a coherent way
  • use appropriate language and vocabulary for specific tasks
  • use a variety of sentence patterns with grammatical accuracy
  • summarise the main ideas of various types of texts
  • develop an argument and support it in a structured essay
  • identify implications and propose solutions
  • edit written work
  • complete the test tasks within the required time limits
  • Listening

  • recognise the format and question patterns in an CAE listening test
  • use a variety of techniques to respond appropriately to CAE listening test questions
  • identify the main ideas of an aural text
  • identify specific information and roles of speakers
  • identify numbers, dates, time, letters, etc. correctly
  • understand the implications of information provided in aural texts
  • accurately transfer information gathered from listening to written answers within the set time limit
  • Speaking

    • recognise the different sections and requirements of the CAE speaking test
    • introduce self and converse confidently on a topic, for example, family, hobbies, or work
    • give a talk based on a personal topic
    • give an opinion and justify it
    • speculate about general topics
    • answer questions fluently and with clear pronunciation
    • use appropriate stress, intonation and speed patterns in their conversation

    TELC UK works in partnership with INGLA School of English based in North London, Turnpike Lane. Join the CAE course together with other students who are local residents living in nearby areas such as Muswell Hill, Southgate, North and East Finchley, Arnos Grove, Tottenham, Crouch End, Alexandra Park, Enfield or Oakwood.

    Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Fee Action
    IELTS morning27/09/202112 weeksMon, Tue, Thu9:15-10:45£780Book now
    IELTS morning27/09/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Thu9:15-10:45£420Book now
    IELTS evening27/09/202112 weeksMon, Tue, Wed20:00-21:30£860Book now
    IELTS evening27/09/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Wed20:00-21:30£465Book now
    FCE afternoon27/09/20216 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£306Book now
    FCE afternoon10/01/202212 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£595Book now
    FCE morning27/09/202112 weeksMon, Wed, Fri9:15-10:45£660Book now
    FCE morning27/09/20216 weeksMon, Wed, Fri9:15-10:45£360Book now
    CAE morning27/09/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Fri9:15-10:45£360Book now
    CAE morning27/09/202112 weeksMon, Tue, Fri9:15-10:45£660Book now
    CAE afternoon27/09/202112 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£595Book now
    CAE afternoon27/09/20216 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£306Book now
    CAE afternoon08/11/20216 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£306Book now
    CAE morning08/11/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Fri9:15-10:45£360Book now
    IELTS morning08/11/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Thu9:15-10:45£420Book now
    IELTS evening08/11/20216 weeksMon, Tue, Wed20:00-21:30£465Book now
    FCE morning10/01/202212 weeksMon, Wed, Fri9:15-10:45£660Book now
    FCE afternoon08/11/20216 weeksMon, Wed, Fri13:00-14:30£306Book now
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    27/09/2021, 08/11/2021


    6 weeks, 12 weeks


    9:15-10:45, 13:00-14:30


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