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CAE Course evenings

CAE Course evenings


English for CAE – exam preparation course
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Start date: 15/01/2019         End date: 18/04/2019
Time: 18:30-20:30
Length: 14 weeks
Location: TELC UK- English Academy in North London, 349c High Road, N22 8JA
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The CAE Exam, also known as Cambridge English: Advanced is set at CEFR level C1. It is an advanced exam which proves a high level of achievement in learning English. Preparing for this certificate helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.

At TELC UK we ensure you are comprehensively prepared to take the CAE exam. During the CAE exam preparation course your qualified and experienced teacher offers a full spectrum of resources to help you successfully prepare for the exam by using past papers, examples, and drawing on our teaching and assessment to ensure you are well positioned to pass the CAE exam. This course is designed to make you familiar with the strategies and methods to efficiently complete each part of the exam. Students enrolling on this course should have completed a B2 General English course or present a good level (B2) of English in their writing as well as speaking skills.

The CAE Exam preparation course covers:

 Strategies for skimming, scanning and reading for detail.

Development of communicative strategies through interactive speaking activities and authentic tasks.

Question interpretation, analysis, development of ideas, content organisation and grammatical accuracy in letters, essays and reports.

Strategies of listening for specific information and identifying broader attitudes and opinions.


Things you’re going to learn:

Topics & Vocabulary

  • Globalisation
  • Emotions
  • Image
  • Mind, body & spirit
  • Learning
  • Money
  • Living together
  • Taste
  • Lifestyle
  • Truth & lies

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  • Continuous verb forms
  • Language for argument
  • Perfect verb forms
  • Cleft sentences
  • Modals & related verbs
  • Abstract nouns
  • Relative clauses
  • Comparatives &l; superlatives
  • Passives
  • Particles
  • Time & tense
  • Inversion
  • Infinitives & -ing forms
  • Adverbs
  • Auxiliaries
  • Future forms
  • Noun phrases, ellipsis & substitution

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Cultural content

  • Varieties of English
  • Emotions
  • Learning
  • Idioms
  • Manners & personal behaviour
  • Money
  • Co-habiting
  • Taste

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Skills work

  • Writing – reviews, emails, scripts, leaflets, news articles, statistical summaries, reports, tactful letters6
  • Speaking – telling stories, action plans, difficult situations, presenting awards, making decisions, ranting,
  • Lots of listening practice
  • Pronunciation

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Course Start Date Weeks Days Time Fee Action
IELTS evening14/01/201914 weeksMon & Wed18:30-20:30£420Book now
CAE14/01/201914 weeksMon & Wed09:30-11:30£420Book now
FCE14/01/201914 weeksMon & Wed11:45-13:45£420Book now
CAE evening15/01/201914 weeksTue & Thu18:30-20:30£420Book now
IELTS weekend19/01/201914 weeksSaturdays10:00-13:00£420Book now


Textbooks that help you prepare to the CAE exam 

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