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Private English class

Private English class


 90 mins  Private English class

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 One-to-one Lessons are about:

  • Focus – The one-on-one learning experience is more focused on the student. The instructor can gauge progress and set a pace that meets the student’s learning abilities. In groups, the classes are structured to accomplish a certain set of goals within a certain number of sessions. There is little consideration for the individual’s ability to grasp the subject matter.
  • Concentration – Private lessons are focused on the student’s progress, not the group’s progress. The instructor knows when to pick up the pace and when to spend time on difficult areas.
  • Pace – Private lessons usually get faster results. Due to the concentrated instruction, students can progress faster than do students in group classes. Of course, students in group lessons can accelerate their learning by intense training between sessions.
  • Discipline – Private instructors usually take a more disciplined approach to learning. The also hold their students to higher degrees of accountability.
  • Learning Environment – Private students can usually have access to a facility’s full repertoire of services and equipment. Groups usually have limited access to these learning tools.
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