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Trial English lesson online

Trial English lesson online


30 mins  Trial online English class

Choose the day and time to book the class




Booking a trial online lesson can give you a chance to meet your tutor and get to know them and their teaching styles. At your trial session, you can discuss your learning goals and create a plan of action for future lessons.

Your online teacher:


Your online English lesson are about:

  • Focus – The one-on-one learning experience is more focused on the student. The tutor can gauge progress and set a pace that meets your learning abilities.
  • Concentration – Private online lessons are focused on your progress. The instructor knows when to pick up the pace and when to spend time on difficult areas.
  • Pace – Online lessons usually get faster results. Due to the concentrated instruction, you can progress faster than do students in group classes.
  • Discipline – Our tutors usually take a more disciplined approach to learning during one-to-one online sessions. They also hold their students to higher degrees of accountability.
  • Learning Environment – Private students can usually have access to a facility’s full repertoire of services and equipment.



Please note:

In order to book a lesson please follow the booking process or contact us on +44 7935033195 or e-mail your request to .
– Lessons will NOT be transferred once booked
– Scheduling of lessons are subject to the availability of teachers
– There are no extra registration fees or hidden charges
– Students are responsible for downloading Skype (for free) and obtaining the proper equipment to use with the software.
– Students are also responsible for registering and creating a working Skype user ID

Once you book your class your online English teacher will contact you with his/her Skype ID, please make sure you contact him/her back with your Skype ID.

You can reschedule your lesson provided you give 48h notice prior to lesson you booked, otherwise you lose your lesson. 


How to book your online lesson :

Follow these steps to get started learning English online:

1. You need a broadband Internet connection.

2. Next you need Skype on your computer or tablet, plus a working microphone and audio, go here to download Skype:

3. Finally you need to book your Online lesson. If you just want to see what studying English online is like, start with a trial lesson. But if you’re fairly sure that this type of teaching offers the flexibility and support you need, then go for five, ten or twenty lessons and so save money on each lesson.

4. When your payment has been processed, your teacher Emily will be in touch to find out what your needs are and to exchange Skype names.

Lessons last sixty minutes. Lesson content is flexible, according to your needs and preferences. You could study grammar, practice speaking, follow a course book, or any combination of these things.

Course Start Date Number of hoursDays and timeFee Action
Online lesson 1 hourflexible1 hourflexible£27Book now
Online lessons 5 hoursflexible5 hoursflexible£127Book now
Online lessons 10 hoursflexible10 hoursflexible£237Book now
Online lesson 20 hoursflexible20 hoursflexible£427Book now
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