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School of English in North London

TELC UK is a School of English in North London where you can learn English with fellow students and experienced English teachers. We teach English using a traditional method focused on four key skills of language learning that is Speaking, Listenig, Writing and Reading. However, many of our students want to become more fluent and ask for conversation and listening exercises. For that reason we adjusted our courses to your needs and we normally devote 60% of the lesson on speaking and listnening. We also understand that learning a language and becoming proficient English language speaker requires from you vocabylary and grammar knowledge which are also part of almost every lesson.

Before joining the course we suggest booking a trial lesson, which will give you the opportunity to meet your teacher, participate in the lesson and get to

Price list of General English group courses:

Number of weeks Full price

4 hours a week
Full price

15 hours a week
14 weeks £620 £1,820
12 weeks £580 £1,560
10 weeks £535 £1,300
8 weeks £495 £1,040
6 weeks£465 £870
4 weeks£300 £660
2 weeks --------- £330
1 week --------- £165

 *Note that prices listed above are the total cost for the full course duration


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