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Talking about presents – listening activity with answers

So now that you’ve listen to Eddie talking about the last time he bought somebody a present you can check if you have the correct answers:

a) ‘Who was the present for?‘ My sister.’ 
b) ‘What was the occasion?’ Her birthday.’ 
c) ‘Where did you go shopping for the present?“On the internet.’ 
d) ‘Did you know what you were going to buy? No, I didn’t.’ 
e) ‘What did you buy in the end?” A foot spa.’ 
f) ‘How much did you spend?’About £50′ 
g) ‘Did you buy a card too?” Yes, I did.’ 
h) ‘Did the person like the present?” No, she didn’t.’ 
i) ‘Was it the sort of present you would like to receive?” Yes, it was’

Listen to the recording again