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avatarI always liked the attention to the needs of students, for example I really appreciated the lesson about CV and interview! I think it was very important for someone like me who is looking for a job! I would like to study maybe a bit more of vocabulary, but in general I’m really satisfied. I really like the projector!!

Giada from Italy
avatarIf you're looking for a new environment where you may know new people, learn english, you're in good place. Good method of studying in english, friendly teachers, nice athmosphere.

Norbert from Hungary
avatarBeautiful course where you really enters into full immersion in the English .
I recommend it to those who study in their own country and then go to London to test the level reached
I'm going to come back in December.

Stefano from Italy
avatarI like classes because they are interesting and capture all my attention. I like that the teacher pays attention to new words and pronunciation of words. Overall I think the lessons are complete and you definitely learn a lot. The building could be a bit nicer

Mihaela from Romania
avatarThanks to the course, I can speak with more confidence. I'm happy with the classes.

Sergio from Spain
avatarI attended Business class and Speaking lesson and enjoyed both of them. Teachers were wonderful, very professional. They both made us speak a lot, gave us a lot of material and I learned pretty much. I will continue with those classes as they are worth it. Thank you!

Jitka from the Czech Republic
My name is Silja and I was an Au Pair in London. During my stay I attended the TELC UK English courses as the language school was recommended from other Au Pairs and former students to me.

It was easy to find them on the Internet due to a great present on FB and a detailed website. A face to face meeting was arranged almost instantly and I could start the course straight away.

The only flaw: the course with the proper level of English for me was on the weekend.

I improved my soft skills (writing, reading, listening and communication), learned loads of new vocabulary, finally understood the tenses (because so. Taught it properly) and was supplied with lots of teaching materials.

The truth is I can't remember a single lesson without laughing! dull teaching...never happened!

I really recommend this language school to you enhance your English and the impression of your stay in London!

Silja from Germany
avatarI attended FCE and Speaking lesson and they were very interesting and dynamic classes all the time. Moreover,  teachers help to improve your skills and they use good method to pay attention of the students. As well, they gave a lot of materials to practice. I recommend it to who wants to prepare any exam or to improve your general english. In my case, I have improved my english for them.

Dolores from Spain
avatarThe teachers are fantastic and very helpful. They give you the power to speak, to know your mistakes and correct them.
In the past, I was shy, I thought maybe people wouldn't understood me, but now I speak to everyone and I'm more confident.
Now I can use tenses properly! I highly recommend this school!!! Thanks teachersSerce