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A2 Mon and Wed 9:30

Book – Secret Garden  Chapter 1, Chapter 2 ,Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8

Book- History of Britain 

Exercises to practise GRAMMAR 

A2 Tue and Thu 18:30-20:30

B1 Tue and Thu 9:30-11:30

B1 Tue and Thu 18:30-20:30

B2 Mon Wed 9:30-11:30

Book Story 1 , Story 2 , Story 3, Story 4, Story 5Story 6, Story 7,

Book number 2 – Sons and Lovers 

Exercises to practise GRAMMAR 

B2 Business Tue and Thu 11:45-13:45

Book- Business at the Speed of Thought

Exercises to practise GRAMMAR